Article written by Loss of Life Associates 

There is a surprised reaction that Esther Pipoly has grown accustomed to hearing during client meetings with growing consistency from new Loss of Life Advocate clients as they review their existing estate paperwork. This second look at their estate papers is generally followed by a quiet, as if to themselves, “I didn’t even think of that…no idea.”

Doctors encourage yearly exams, with prescriptions, exercise, and social activities, as they all play an important role when it comes to enjoying life in the coming years ahead. Unfortunately, there’s a myth that once a will is prepared, and burial arrangements are arranged, any loose ends can be easily tied up within the family based solely on the will. Subscribing to that theory, it means your will, and related documents, don’t need to be subjected to an occasional update.

However, people rarely account for: automatic payments and associated fees for storage units, monthly memberships, drafts for security systems, or noting that an item is an irreplaceable family heirloom and why, or even something more important such as your wishes pertaining to the living arrangements for a relative with a medical issue who has been living with you and the powers of attorney that may need to be reassigned if you were to pass. Those are just a few examples of consequential items that should be answered and documented. Without a review, important matters such as this would be overlooked simply because of the assumption that your will is “taken care of” and doesn’t need to be updated.

The founder of Loss of Life Advocates, Esther Pipoly, started the company after learning first hand, how important it is to go through every detail as well as the impact having direct access to trusted experts for guidance and an advocate for emotional support can have on the client’s mental health and family preparedness. In her experience, after planning for the loss of her father, Esther realized they had missed vital records that had to be completed in order to close his estate, even though his final preparations were supposed to have been in order. This left her with no choice but to push through her grief and try to make sense of the maze of new paperwork to get everything submitted in a timely manner. A mere two months later, she lost her husband unexpectedly. Suddenly, the tidal wave she’d just experienced looked tame in comparison. This time there was a brand new field of uncharted territory, including areas that required experts in law, real estate, and insurance as well as the closing of a business. She had professionals abuse the situation she was in by charging exorbitant fees, and advisors that didn’t properly assist with paperwork. Knowing how much worse an already painful experience became because she didn’t have anywhere to turn to that provided resources, Esther and her children, Nathan and Adyn, decided to open Loss of Life Advocates.

The company is based in San Antonio, Texas, but is growing quickly through the United States, as advocates are being trained and certified. LOLA also offers other ways to access programs and utilize a virtual advocate if advocate certifications are active in your area, but they are still in training to meet LOLA’s standards.

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