“When my 88 year old mother suffered a major stroke, I, as an only-child, was left with hundreds of questions and the responsibility of finding care for my mother once she was to leave the hospital. With no prior knowledge about the benefits available to the elderly or how Medicare and Medicaid works, I felt lost and alone. Once I got connected to Accountable Aging, I felt like the worries of the world were lifted off my shoulders. They walked me through all the options, took the time to learn about my mom and me and then hit the ground running to find the best options for us. Without them, I would probably still be lost.”


“AACM consistently goes above and beyond just providing services; they have a depth of experience that is invaluable.”


“Accountable Aging helps me think things through and provides a sounding board like a sister I never had. I feel like I have backup.”


“My sister and I were flying hundreds of miles to take our mother to medical appointments and to fill her pill boxes. We were in a constant state of panic. The team at Accountable Aging took over those duties for us but kept us in the loop so we felt relieved but not separated from our mother. The care managers know how to hear our concerns and guide us without pushing. They show respect and expertise.”


“AACM continues to help our family understand the critical factors & resources that make the difference in successfully transitioning a loved one into an appropriate & sometimes changing care environment. They helped us cut through the stress & confusion in the maze of care providers & care options to understand what’s most important to focus on & reach a decision with which everyone feels comfortable. AACM provides valuable services with complete professionalism & compassion. -Linda AA cares for the entire family and not only peace of mind, but a trusted advisor to difficult issues.”


“The care management support that has been provided to both of my parents has been excellent and the peace of mind that you have given both to me and my siblings has been priceless.”


“The staff of Accountable Aging have great gifts of financial responsibility and punctuality. This seems little short of a miracle to those of us who have barely a clue about what a phrase like financial responsibility and punctuality could possibly mean.”


“They walked alongside me in finding a place for my mother and made the task much less stressful and very productive.”


“Having AACM in our lives allows my family member and I to interact as family members rather than care manager and care receiver. Our personal relationship is much better as a result of delegating the care management function.”


“Accountable Aging Care Management (AACM) was the single most valuable resource for my family during my mother’s decades-long decline and end. Living out-of-state and having reached the limits of inexperienced caretakers, my brother and I could not believe our fortune when we discovered AACM. Within a short time of engaging AACM, my mother’s household and personal care exceeded any of our wishes or expectations and we began enjoying pleasurable trips home to be happy together. Our family was able to spend our energy and time together in a memorable way, without the unbearable worries that we had been through alone. AACM did everything possible at all times to give us this blessing. Since I could not begin to list the specific services that AACM performed, it is more easily said that there was not a single matter that they could not be of assistance with or handle reliably and my mother’s quality of life could never have been better.”


“Accountable Aging is a real treasure! The whole situation with my aunt left me weary and I had begun to ignore my responsibility, putting off making decisions – even time-sensitive ones. Your “heads up, John” phone call this morning about the housing timeline spurred me into action. I now realize you are not only managing the resources for my aunt, but that I am one of the resources you so deftly manage! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Accountable Aging provides a service that is invaluable to families caring for loved ones.”