For the most up-to-date information on how we’re handling COVID-19, see the links below:

Serving and Protecting Our Seniors from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Accountable Aging Care Management has actively monitored the developments and guidance around the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). We are virtually serving our clients to ensure social distancing, and we have added additional safety precautions to protect our clients, including infection control trainings for every care manager and making personal protective equipment (PPE) available to every care manager. The CDC recommends seniors stay in their homes and Accountable Aging care managers can provide virtual care to ensure all of their life needs are being met.

For any clients who report symptoms of COVID-19, we will recommend you follow the CDC guidelines for What To Do If You Are Sick, and immediately contact your doctor for further instruction.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

At Accountable Aging, we are prioritizing safety across our organization. All care managers have been provided with PPE, and our sister company Family Tree In-Home Care has committed to have PPE available for every caregiver, every shift. Against all odds, Accountable Aging and Family Tree have been able to find reliable PPE suppliers to get us access to gloves, masks, goggles, gowns, thermometers, and sanitizer. All PPE is made available to our employees at their local offices.

Infection Control Training

Our experienced team of clinicians reviewed several training options on infection control and selected a training specific to COVID-19 that every employee at Accountable Aging was required to complete and pass.

Providing a Dedicated Caregiver Just for You

We are collaborating with home care agencies for certain at-risk clients to recommend a dedicated caregiver in some circumstances. Our sister company and caregiving agency Family Tree In-Home Care is now providing a caregiver who will work solely for your family. Alternatively, Family Tree In-Home Care can provide live-in caregivers. Live-in caregivers are generally is not required to provide care during the night, but they are available to respond in an emergency.  To learn more, call Family Tree today at 713-333-9991.

Concierge Visit and Grocery Runs

We’re providing customizable concierge visits to provide whatever you may need, from grocery runs to medication pickups and everything in between. Enjoy the convenience of a concierge visit from a professional care manager trained in infection-control. Just call us to customize your concierge visit and tell us what you need. No smartphone, tablet or application needed. Your care manager will fulfill the requirements of your concierge visit while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

Transitions Home

Many clients are concerned about infection risks in acute setting and in senior living. If you are worried about the exposure your loved one is facing, we will help them safely transition home from the hospital or from senior living, even if just temporarily. We can coordinate home health, caregiving and nursing services to you in your home until you’re ready to transition back to senior living. We can even coordinate care to keep you home indefinitely. We’ll be sure to disinfect your belongings and ensure your environment is safe.

Virtual Care Management

Our care managers have been able to leverage technology to ensure they keep up with their visits virtually while limiting exposure to our clients. We have found that we can effectively collaborate with family members and all relevant service providers, providing any support you need. Our care managers work like a concierge to guide you through all your life management needs.