AACM has a comprehensive approach to providing you with a solid solution. We assess your situation and recommend the right combination of services for your budget and your personal needs. We work in collaboration with a wide-range of service providers, throughout the continuum of health services and care settings. You will be backed by a multi-disciplinary team that works together on each client situation.

Below are some of the services we provide our clients. We can handle everything from Care Management, such as navigating government benefits or coordinating the right level of care, to more specific needs that fall into our "Safety-Net" services, such as monitoring caregiver performance or taking care of bills for an "independent" elder.

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Guidance and Planning
  • Compare suitability & costs of home care or residence options
  • Assess & determine next steps (Care Plan)
  • Develop budget plans
  • Navigate Government benefits
Care Coordination
  • Research and recommend service providers for specific needs
  • Monitor care giver performance
  • Act as a single point of contact for all providers
  • Attend doctors' visits with an "independent" senior
Financial Management
  • Provides cost estimates and guide selection of long-term care, Medigap or other insurance
  • Work with lenders to resolve credit problems
  • Reconcile Medicare & Medigap remittance records
  • Assist with other insurance claims and reimbursements
Family Facilitation
  • Facilitate communication between involved family members
  • Mediate family differences as an independent party
  • Respect the opinions and privacy of each person while working toward resolution
Medication Management
  • Create & maintain comprehensive medication list
  • Observe compliance & monitor supply on-hand
  • Guide Medicare Part D plan selection
  • Check on well being of senior
  • Ensure caregiver performance meets service agreement
Bill Paying
  • Gather bills & prepare checks
  • Reconcile bank statements on a monthly basis
Contingency Care
  • Provide proactive planning tools and continuous backup support in case of an emergency
  • Provide details of all activities handled on your behalf in writing to designated parties
  • Offer customized reporting schedules, delivery methods, and levels of detail reported
Legal and Government Benefits Consultation
  • Provide consultation for legal documentation that should be in existence for your situation, such as a Will, Power of Attorney, etc.
  • Provide expertise on available government programs that may provide benefits
AACM Professional Partnerships

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