Forbes confirms what AACM has been educating their clients: There are tax breaks for the costs of care. Learn more about the process from Forbes.

Compare the types of facilities available to the elderly and what services each offers to their residents: Educational Institute on Aging, "Continuum of Care Summary" (PDF file)

Learn more about the differences in residential options for your loved one:

Depression exists in caregivers and persons with dementia. The Family Caregiver Alliance has excellent suggestions for diagnosis and treatment. Learn more about diagnosis and treatment for dementia.

One of the common issues with all insurance coverage for prescriptions and especially Medicare Part D is denial of coverage for a particular medication. Learn how to appeal.

Financial abuse is real! The National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse has excellent information for all. Learn more about Financial Abuse.

Most are aware of the impact of medications on their overall health. Read about how medications can impact oral health.

Do not wait too long to complete wills and powers of attorney. There are capacity requirements. Learn more about the issues.


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