How does the AACM Process Works?
Our typical client relationship starts with a phone call. Perhaps a care giver is overwhelmed, perhaps insurance or government programs have someone perplexed or maybe an adult care giver wants to look ahead and plan for coming life change events. We will then meet with the client and family to better understand what challenges you are facing, your family dynamics and what you would like to accomplish. Whatever your needs are, AACM will provide recommendations, resources and a detailed plan that will fit your budget and your life.
What is it that Accountable Aging Care Management (AACM) provides clients?
Usually AACM is called in to address a new, urgent care management issue for a family. It can be eldercare for an aging loved one or services to support a disabled adult. Over time, we can build a comprehensive plan if that is what the family wants and needs. So, in effect, we provide two basic services: Eldercare consulting and Care Management. Both services are provided on an hourly basis. The Consulting component can be as simple as an assessment of the current living/medical situation and making recommendations on how the family might be able to proceed. Or, more commonly, after meeting with the family and assessing the situation, families usually prefer to have continued guidance in their next steps because the number and kind of available resources can be overwhelming. Once the family is comfortable with a care plan, they often want AACM Care Managers to handle the details, assure the service levels are maintained and provide that "management" piece of a single point of contact linking the elder, the health care providers, the doctors and the family on an on-going basis.
How does AACM work?
The AACM team works with a family to uncover the needs and unique situation of the elder and the family. Then AACM recommends the best solutions to meet the needs and desires of the elder and the family. At that point, Accountable Aging Care Managers can provide a broad spectrum of services and support, on an hourly basis, including, but not limited to:

  • Assess the situation and determine the needs of the elder and the family
  • Navigate Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security Benefits
  • Compare suitability and costs of residence or home health care options
  • Manage care giver schedules and activities
  • Monitor care giver performance (in the home or in a facility)
  • Arrange transportation services and accompany clients to doctor's appointments
  • Pay bills and consolidate billing by contracting directly with care providers and passing the exact cost on to you (no mark up) so you only have one bill and the providers are accountable to us
  • Ensure compliance with medication prescriptions and therapy recommendations
  • Assist beneficiaries with managing expenditures.
How much do your services cost?
AACM bills for services at our Standard Hourly Billing Rate. This includes meetings with you, research done on your behalf, follow-up done on your behalf with agencies or facilities, and other activities pertaining to your case. This billing rate covers almost all of the Elder Life Management and consulting services we provide for clients. Other services such as bill paying, medication management or regular monitoring visits are set up with a separate contract at different rates.
Can you help me determine if we need in-home help or if we need to look at facilities?
AACM can help you discern if you need an in-home medical and personal assistance provider or if a long-term care or nursing facility might be a better option. We can help you screen, monitor and manage that provider.
Can you help my family in an emergency situation with my Austin-based Dad, even if we live outside of Texas?
AACM specializes in handling unexpected, emergency situations for out-of-town and in-town family. With our broad expertise and wealth of knowledge of the care management arena, we know who can help you and how to reach them in any Texas city. Using a Care Manager to help you keep track of an out-of-town elder's care and well-being is something we highly recommend, whether you decide to work with us or not.
Can you help my siblings and I decide on the right course of action for our parent? We often argue about money, who spends their time and the course of action.
When grown siblings can't agree on a course of action, it's time to get AACM involved. We don't bring any of the childhood angst that can bubble up in adult siblings, to the table. We can be that logical, objective, third-party who just has the elder's best interest in mind.
We have to choose a Medicare Part D option and maybe a Medigap policy. The choices are overwhelming. Can you help us figure this out?
You may have already invested hours or days trying to select a Medicare-approved insurance plan that is affordable, yet covers all your medicines. If so, you are probably feeling a certain amount of despair. The Medicare website isn't easy to use, for one thing, even for experienced web surfers. Depending on where you live, you might have forty or fifty plans to sort through.

How it Works: We will do a phone consultation with you to gather information on your medications and other pertinent information. We'll compare your medications to the dozens of insurance plans currently available to residents in your area. We'll find the right insurance plan for you. Within five business days we'll have our recommended Medicare Part D options for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation.