How We Got Started

In the late 1990's Mick and Mary Koffend faced difficult decisions with elder members of their own family and with family members living with a disability. They found they did not have access to consolidated information, guidance or resources that they needed. After much investigation into the care management landscape they realized they were not alone in this need. They created Accountable Aging Care Management in 2002 as an objective, third-party eldercare service consulting and care management company. (Originally named Accountable Aging, Inc. (AAI))


Since 2002, they have continued to offer clients compassion, commitment, and a highly personal understanding of the real concerns families must address to ensure an elder family member's financial, residential, emotional and physical well-being. Today, they share this passion with a dedicated, multi-disciplinary Care Management Team and broadened their services to meet the ever-changing needs of our aging and disabled population.

 Core Values

Advocate for you

Respect your rights

Keep your information private

Work diligently on your behalf

Follow all government regulations

Accept only assignments we can handle

Maintain objectivity with service providers

Explain our costs before we perform any services

Take no gifts from clients, their families or referral sources

Honor our clients' wishes irrespective of who pays the bills