February 2018 Newsletter

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If you are faced with caring for an aging parent or someone with disabilities, you understand that managing their care can be complex- full of little details and big challenges. How do you determine if they need in-home care or if it's time to consider assisted living or nursing home options? What about doctor visits, care instructions, medications, insurance, Social Security benefits, government programs, finances and overall mental health? Just balancing your own life is probably hard enough. You want what's best for them and your family situation, but you just don't know where to turn.

If you're overwhelmed, you're not alone. Accountable Aging Care Management® (AACM) can help. AACM is a full-service professional care management company offering unique consultative and personalized care services to the elderly, disabled and their families. We can assess your situation and recommend the right combination of services for your budget and your personal needs.


DISCLAIMER: AACM is an objective solutions provider. We believe that care managers have an ethical obligations to help a family discern what is right for that family. Any conflicts of interest that may arise in the delivery of our services will be fully disclosed to you along with any recommendation we make.
 We Can Help

Anyone facing an eldercare crisis who doesn't know where to turn

Adult children living far away from aging parents

Adult children living locally but overwhelmed with financial concerns, logistical issues, career burdens, or a hectic lifestyle

Attorneys, trustees and other professionals who help elders and their families

Families coping with loved ones who have physical disabilities, memory loss or depression

People who need assistance to maintain their level of independence

Physicians who are concerned about a patient's ability to transition home after rehabilitation or a hospital stay